Fascial Restoration Group Classes

Saxapahaw Schedule of classes

Restore Roller Class, Tuesday, 7-8pm, $10

Stretch Class, Saturday 9am, suggested donation $10-$20

Restore Roller Class, Saturday, 10am, suggested donation $10-$20

Sound Meditation, Saturday, 11:15am-12:00pm, suggested donation $5

The Bridge at Rivermill 1647 Sax-Beth Ch Rd., 27340

Interior Courtyard


A therapeutic self-care group class

Release accumulated debris in the fascia and support the relaxation response using techniques of massage therapy and restorative yoga. This class focuses on compressing and lengthening soft tissue and bringing the whole body back to a centered, grounded and relaxed state. These gentle, indirect techniques activate your inherent self healing. 


A fluid fascial movement class 

Stimulate greater flexibility by exploring fundamental movement patterns inspired by chi gong. This class focuses on initiating movement from the center of gravity through dynamic core stability and integrating that movement out to the limbs. These 3 dimensional patterns are explored along linear planes and then expanded into fluid figure 8 patterns in and around the body. This class helps release debris in the fascia, and enhance co-ordination.

Sound Meditation

Crystal singing bowls

 Relax your mind and let your imagination run free as you submerge yourself in a field of sound. This experience is a sensory delight. The sounds and subtle vibrations create a playground for observation as you explore movement or stilness, sitting or reclining, toning or silence, choosing how you want to experience and engage with the energy created in the room. 

Leigh Johnson LMBT, CNRT-M, NC#11705
1647 Sax.-Beth. Ch.Rd.
Saxapahaw, NC

Phone: +1-919-619-6405 +1-919-619-6405



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Leigh Johnson has been teaching movement in the Triangle area since 2000, and has been a licensed massage therapist since 2011.