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Leigh Johnson


NC# 11704

Fascial Restoration and Self Care

My services are geared towards recovery, prevention, wellness, and improving performance. If you are faced with chronic pain, I can teach you effective techniques to do at home, anytime to help increase and speed up the process of Fascial Restoration. The more supple your fascia the better your body works, which makes recovery from exersion, injury and stress easier. You can start feeling better today.


Hands-on Thechniques

Whether your focus is recovery or prevention, getting back your strength does not have to be an uphill battle. I have developed my therapeutic abilities through 15+ years of experience in movement and massage therapy. All the techniques I use help support and restore whole body communication by increasing the capacity of the Neuro-Fascial System. The main techniques I use are Neural Reset Therapy, Fascial Conduction, the MELT Method for client self care, and standard swedish and myofascial massage. When clients engage actively in self care, I have seen chronic conditions start to shift in 4-6 weeks.

The Advantages of a Neuro-Fascial Approach

The primary focus of my therapeutic activity is Fascial Restoration. This helps to support the body through integration of the nervous system and the fascia. Rehydration of the fascia helps to increase the body's capacity to transmit information from the environment to the nervous system, and supports efficient communication throughout the body. When those signals are clear, the body can respond more readily to restore and maintain health. I strongly encourage all my clients to start a self practice of MELT to increase the effectiveness of the Hands-on techniques.

Group Classes

Every Saturday morning I teach a Stretch and Restore class at The Bridge at Rivermill in Saxapahaw.

9am Stretch, $10

10am Restore, $15


Leave feeling relaxed and sparkly on the inside! Stay in Saxapahaw to eat, shop, and enjoy the river.



It's worth the drive.


See my teaching schedule here

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Leigh Johnson LMBT, CNRT-M, NC#11704
1647 Sax.-Beth. Ch.Rd.
Saxapahaw, NC

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