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Hands-on Techniques

Whether you need recovery or prevention, creating strength and stability in the body does not have to be an uphill battle. Leigh Johnson has 15+ years of experience in movement and massage therapy and uses a variety of techniques to support and restore whole body communication. The main techniques used are Neural Reset Therapy® and Fascial Conduction. Standard swedish and myofascial massage may also be used in combination with NRT®.

The Power of the Nervous System

The primary focus of Leigh's work is to help re-inform the body through reseting the Nervous System. Neural Reset Therapy® (NRT) and RedCord® are effective techniques for addressing entrenched compensatory patterns. Change can happen in seconds, either through relieving held muscle tension or by re-engaging muscles that have lost the full neural connection.

Group Classes

Every Saturday morning Leigh teaches 3 classes in Saxapahaw. Take one class or take them all for a mini-retreat.


9am Stretch, 10am Restore, 11:15-12:00pm Sound Meditation

$15-$25 donation


Stay in Saxapahaw to eat, shop, and enjoy the river.

Full Class Schedule here

Metaform Movement and Massage

Leigh Johnson, LMBT, CNRT-M, NC# 11705